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What are the Average Fees for Hiring a CPA? Austin-Texas

QB.JPGFees can range from $350 for individual tax returns on up.  If you are having a hard time filing your tax return because you have a major life change, are planning for retirement, just married, divorced, have real estate dealings, other income, or dividends.  There is a method that large franchises use to file taxes, usually you will get the flat fee or you will pay a percentage of your tax return.  They will not give you the advice that a CPA can.

For small business the fees can go up from there.  We have filed small business taxes for as low as $450.  Regardless we need to have the source documents and need to get all the information to file your taxes correctly.  This can be helpful with major purchases, learning what it is to invest and depreciate, how retirement and health savings can benefit, and more.

We also can set up your bookkeeping software, and make sure your business is able to record the information to file yearly, quarterly taxes.

Need to allocate dividends? Or form a Corporation?  There are different fees, depending on which phase of the process your company is in.  Please call for a free consultation. 

Larger businesses that need bookkeeping services on a monthly basis will probably need a more long term contract.  This is to be observant of all activity in the business and is especially useful when going thru a change.