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What are the Average Fees for Hiring a CPA? Austin-Texas

QB.JPGFees can range from $350 for individual tax returns on up.  If you are having a hard time filing your tax return because you have a major life change, are planning for retirement, just married, divorced, have real estate dealings, other income, or dividends.  There is a method that large franchises use to file taxes, usually you will get the flat fee or you will pay a percentage of your tax return.  They will not give you the advice that a CPA can.

For small business the fees can go up from there.  We have filed small business taxes for as low as $650.  Regardless we need to have the source documents and need to get all the information to file your taxes correctly.  This can be helpful with major purchases, learning what it is to invest and depreciate, how retirement and health savings can benefit, and more.

We also can set up your bookkeeping software, and make sure your business is able to record the information to file yearly, quarterly taxes.

Need to allocate dividends? Or form a Corporation?  There are different fees, depending on which phase of the process your company is in.  Please call for a free consultation. 

Larger businesses that need bookkeeping services on a monthly basis will probably need a more long term contract.  This is to be observant of all activity in the business and is especially useful when going thru a change. 

Find a CPA in Austin Texas

Need help finding a CPA in Austin Texas?  Dedicated to service and reliabliity.  Preforming Public Accounting Services for over ten years.  One truly important task to achieve is making sure you are accurately keeping records for your business.  When you have your bookkeeping structure set up by a professional CPA, you are less likely to face the troubles of Audit, or of Income Tax Mistakes.

Find a CPA for your small business, to set up you accounting system.


Find a CPA for your corporate needs.


Set up your payroll process.

Hiring a CPA to evaluate your process to make sure you are getting the most valuable deductions, and making sound business choices when buying assets.  There are many different aspects of financial guidance that a CPA can bring to your business.

Linda Liu CPA Austin Texas, with the ability to let you run your business and not get drowned in an overload of tax code and bookkeeping.

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View all our services

Linda W Liu CPA Corp: Our firm offers a wide range of services to our individual and business clients. Because our firm is relatively small, our clients benefit by getting personalized, quality service that is beyond comparison. Below we have listed the services that we offer to our clients along with a brief description.

    * Taxation Services
    * General Accounting Services
    * Payroll Services
    * Bookkeeping Services

As the list above is by no means all-inclusive, please feel free to inquire about a service if you do not see it listed. If it is not a service we provide, we would be more than happy to refer you to a qualified professional.


Taxation Services

Tax planning & return preparation - Individuals - Corporations - Partnerships - LLCs/LLPs - Estates, trusts & gift - Not-for-profit organizations

  • Taxing authority representation
  • Divorce and support issues

General Accounting Services

Providing financial information to our clients in a timely and accurate manner is a commitment that we feel can not be compromised. Meaningful, well-organized financial records ensure that your business operations will run more efficiently on a daily basis. Our firm provides a full range of cost effective accounting services including the following:

  • General ledger & financial statement preparation
  • Bookkeeping (Monthly/Quarterly/Annually)
  • Accounting system setup for new businesses
  • Business tax return preparation (Sales & Use/Business Property)
  • Review and complied financial statements (Quarterly/Annually)
  • Personal financial statements
  • New Business Registration
  • Litigation support


Payroll Services

As a business grows, it must hire more employees, which can result in increased payroll administration. We can assist you in implementing the controls necessary to ensure a reliable, efficient, and effective payroll system. Our firm can also help you develop a payroll system and prepare all necessary payroll tax returns in a timely manner.

  • After the fact payroll
  • Regular Payroll
  • Computerized payroll services



Meaningful, well-organized financial records ensure that your business operations will run more efficiently on a daily basis and are the foundation of a successful business. Our qualified staff can assist you with the day-to-day tasks associated with bookkeeping.

  • Monthly Bank Account Reconciliation
  • Monthly Credit Card Reconciliation
  • Year end write up/adjustment
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Four Necessary Tips for Financial Documenting

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For Personal and for business expenses, it is important to have all the information you need.
The IRS has generic rules so these four tips to documenting financial activities which should help you on your way.  If you are either finding a CPA or have an established service that can help you with documenting.  If you need help documenting, call Linda Liu CPA.

Not only for keeping track of how well your business is doing, and other things you may need in the future.  A common reason to look at is discounts, or payments that were made in the past.  Or finding customer information or client information.
  1. Prepare your financial statements, identify what the sources of income are for your business like what are you selling what is trending and other important information is kept in your financial statements.  Keeping track of your records is mandatory for IRS sources and is also useful for banks and creditors when managing your business.  Preparing all the documents at once can seem daunting but keeping your financial documents year round up to date will prove to be useful and a good source of information. 

  3. Identify source of receipts, receipts can be kept for use to determine taxable from nontaxable income.  What is taxable income vs. nontaxable income?  Glad you asked, a CPA can decipher your activities to make sure your taking the tax breaks, deductions, and income is correct so you have a stress free tax season.  Many different activities are accompanied with your businesses that are considered taxable income; please call Linda Liu CPA for more information.

  5. Keep track of deductible expenses that you regularly spend on your business.  Tracking them in a timely manner that makes sense should be an important part of running your business.  Don't spend all your time figuring out your taxes, let us give you a free consultation to decide if your needs are something that we can accommodate.  All of your records could be easily formatted and legible for tax season months before they are due. 

  7. Prepare your tax returns, and keep supporting documents necessary for your taxes.  Items reported on tax return, have to be documented fully for the IRS to be aware of why how and what your deductions or expenses were for.  Incomplete information like not knowing why a receipt to the local burger joint or the exhaust on your truck was included in your business taxes could be a big mistake and make you pay more money
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Documents for Tax Season

Stack of Taxes.jpg

Stack of Taxes.jpgNeed Help Record keeping for your business? Not only for keeping track of how well your business is doing, and other things you may need in the future. A common reason to look at is discounts, or payments that were made in the past. Finding pertinent customer information and client information, which could be managed seamlessly.

Especially Entrepreneurs should keep track of all records and expenses, related to business activity. You could have yourself in on a search for receipts for goods purchased and receipts for items that are considered assets by your tax deadline.

Tax code can be vague or not descriptive enough to possible make good judgment on what is correct and what is incorrect. A lot of people make mistakes when filing taxes because of tax law changes. Not knowing or being aware of laws while filing taxes can be risky and cause you to get audited. When you are preparing your tax forms and tax documents be sure to follow simple guidelines.

Keeping Records for Taxes, whether it is keeping track of gross sales, purchase or expenses, we can make sure your records are kept from start to finish for tax preparation. Records need to be kept for many other reasons. Starting a business and keeping track of small business records, is what the IRS expects you to do as a small business owner. We can set you up with a system that is time effective and cost effective for all the daily items that need to be recorded. Be prepared to talk to a CPA about these types of supporting documents and how they affect your income tax.